Sparkler Love


Saturday was July fourth. Our nation celebrated it’s birthday and so did I. (The nation’s…and mine). This is the time of year US citizens get together to enjoy each other’s company in the summer sun, swimming, grilling, attending outdoor concerts, tossing the ole pigskin and yes, fireworks, fireworks, fireworks!!! It’s all very Bond. (As in James Bond, secret agent extraordinaire).

Saturday went simply enough: kicked the soccer ball around, went for a walk, saw the end of the July 4th parade, admired everyone’s dogs, watched a movie, baked cookies, drank wine, and handed sparklers out to strangers. You know, typical birthday stuff.

I thought it would be enough to just have the day off, enjoy some fine Olive Garden cuisine with the family, maybe even soak in the city with a couple leisurely walks or kick the soccer ball around at the Diagonal. But I was wrong. This holiday is more important than an excuse for leisure and stealthy reconnaissance. No, this holiday requires us all to acknowledge one another; to come together in peace and explosive-icity – destroy a small part of our country with a mixture of legal and illegal fireworks and explosive devices. What else serves as the bond for the modern US nuclear family? Cable tv? Maybe. But really, it is explosives, n’est pas?

Me, and my special lady friend went out late Saturday night and set off a bunch of legal (read: boring) fireworks. You know, strobes, sparklers, showers and the like. Real safe, and real uninspiring. However, it was fun, it was at least nice to get outside. Some passersby stopped to watch and talk to us and we handed out sparklers to them and they left happy. That was the best part. And it was so, and I came away having realized something: Man, sparklers bring people together too. Forget hugs, love, cards, treaties, rope and duct tape, puppies or Johnny Mathis. Sparklers are TNT love. Sparklers are the answer to peace and love. We should all just present each other, people all over the planet, even the ugly people, with lit sparklers. They bring smiles to peoples faces, it helps to make friends, it will bring the entire world together in love and harmony. You’ll see.

So try it today, and everyday. Give peace a chance. Instead of spending money on the Christian Children’s Fund buy some sparklers.


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