Baseball post

Now, I didn’t watch this year’s MLB All-Star event extravaganza, mostly because I could care less about most anything produced or promoted by the MLB, (which should be an acronym for Mediocre Lame Baseball), but I do care enough to watch the highlights and commentary on ESPN in the aftermath.

(That is one of the more damning realities of baseball, or at least what baseball, Major League Baseball, has become, which is that the highlights and commentary about the MLB by ESPN is more entertaining than the game itself. But I shouldn’t get off topic here.)

The recap seems to go something like this:

1.) The President made an appearance at the All-Star Game to throw out the first pitch. (Which was not the poorest of throws, but not the most inspiring of throws either. It was only saved by the able glove work of Albert Pujols. Yay Albert!) It was a good thing for MLB to have the President involved in the All-Star game festivities.

2.) The St. Louis crowd (where the game was held) or whomever showed bad form, and immaturity by booing the President. (You don’t have to like him personally or his political agenda but he is the President of the USA – show him the respect he deserves. Boo! St. Louis).

3.) I am once again reminded that MLB Commissioner Bud Selig is an idiot. Not nearly as awful as NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman but Selig seems determined to wreck the national pastime. (The homerun derby is a joke, having the winning Conference of the All-Star game get home field advantage in the World Series is pathetic, um…and steroids….).

4.) AL Manager Joe Madden not playing Tim Wakefield was weak.

But I could go on. I just wanted to say that good or bad or indifferent, All-Star events are meant to be enjoyed by both players fortunate enough to be voted in to play and for fans rabid enough to attend. It is meant to be enjoyed and we shouldn’t have to take it too seriously. It is just sports, that’s all. So to that, congrats MLB you’ve pulled off yet another successful All-Star game and only 2 ½ hours long at that.


3 Responses to “Baseball post”

  1. Venus Says:

    I watched a little bit of the game. It was against my will, really. I was tied to my seat, eyes pried open, mouth stapled shut resembling a perma-smile. The game was unremarkable. Baseball is only fun to watch live, imo. I do remember the president’s throw, haha. I think they were booing him because he was wearing a Chi White Sox jacket–at least that was my interpretation.

  2. bwyant Says:

    Yeah, I am with you…… I only watch the highlights anymore. If I do watch a game or a couple of innings, I follow the Detroit Tigers. Although, I do miss watching Pudge as a Tiger. I shouldn’t complain though because he is no longer a Yankee. Which is fantastic in my book!

    Anyway, I agree the game is best enjoyed at the ball park with a nice cold beer and hot dog. Otherwise it is highlight clips from ESPN news.

  3. Steve Krause Says:

    I didn’t watch any of it, but I was in St. Louis right before it.

    BTW, where’s a link to your XHTML/CSS exercises? Post that asap!

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