the rocketship adventure at mnkey islnd, pt 1

The rocketship adventure at mnkey islnd was a typical rocketship adventure. You know, with these kind of adventures there are equal parts fun and excitement and terror and stress. It’s all about how successful one can manage their emotions and do the right thing when it matters most. There are encounters with space aliens — some are good, some are bad, some are green and others are blue. Cupcake fights are common, as are group beatboxing contests. You know, typical rocketship adventure stuff.
Training is very important. In order to have a successful rocketship adventure everyone participating from the most experienced veteran to the greenest rookie needs to be trained and to continue training everyday. And training was what kept us all alive when we visited Mnkey Islnd. Dun! Dun! Dun!

We landed on mnkey islnd late last winter. We had run out of gummi bears and so we knew we must forage for food on this strange island paradise. Initially, all we saw were coconuts and pineapples hanging from trees, so no real food at all. and as the hours passed we thought certainly we would die if we couldn’t find food. I, being the group leader, had to do something in order to save us all from ruin. It was either climbing trees, risking cuts and splinters, or something else; something of greater desperation. And that something else might have to be jungle elves. But where were we going to find jungle elves? I ordered a group to scour our surroundings in search for jungle elves – they have magical powers which make them hard to catch, but are full of vegetable protein, and that will be vital to our survival.

More than a day passed and we were unable to find jungle elves, or food in general. But I never lost hope. We were going to survive! (But first I needed to save our rocketship navigator Mike from being cooked and eaten by the crew.) Luckily, as I was out amongst the trees, painting a beautiful landscape; thinking — an atomic rhinoceros came upon me. I wasn’t shocked – I have seen so much in my time as a rocketship captain – but I was insulted when he got an attitude with me when I jumped on his back and started to gnaw on his atomic flesh. My word! I was hungry. Give me a break. I wasn’t flashing an attitude when, afterwards, he began to talk smack about my landscape painting.

ANYWAY, the atomic rhinoceros – Raoul was his name – saved us all when he directed us south from our landing site in the foothills to the restaurant section of town. We were saved! Finally we had food. However, there weren’t any gummi bears. We had to get over that disappointment (you learn to make sacrifices when you are on a rocketship adventure) but we were well fed. Thank you Raoul the atomic rhinoceros.

That was the first adventure on Mnkey Islnd. Many more were to come.


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