music and the madness

i await a phone call…Somehow I dread this phone call…i know that i shouldn’t…but i do. i’m nuts like that.

a friend of my gf’s family (and also a friend of mine) is interested in hiring me to perform at a party she’s throwing. rumor is is that it is a cocktail party. (Man, i don’t own a tux.)

The Concern

the concern is that my confidence is low. i see it as me playing in a fancy dancy place, where the are all dressed in fancy dancy clothes (me included) and i won’t be providing a satisfactory experience. it is on saturday of next week. (short notice. yikes!) i think i’m getting paid. i need the money so i have to do it regardless of how i feel.

good luck me


2 Responses to “music and the madness”

  1. Steve Krause Says:

    This begs the question: perform what?

  2. Venus Says:

    I play a little guitar and sing. I will be your back up, haha, j/k. Seriously, though, do you have links to your music?

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