fight for fighting’s sake

We’re all pretty sure that chuck Norris can and will kick anyone’s butt. Don’t mess with Chuck Norris, man – the dude will mess you up.

An obvious, and joyless, fight pairing would be Presidents John Adams and John Quincey Adams. John Adams was a spry old man, very agile. So he would easily be able to out-pace and outmaneuver sonny boy J.Q., however J.Q. would ultimately win – and not because he was significantly younger either. Nope. J.Q. wasn’t nicknamed “the rhinoceros” for nothing. Besides dressing in the tough hides of rhinos he also possessed the eerie power of the raging rhino. He’d withstand all of President Adams’ attacks through the wearing of the rhino hide and then counterattack with all of his rhino might and lay President Adams out. Done. Easy.

But who would win in a fight between jimi Hendrix and jesus? Jesus is a pacifist, right? So….i’d have to give that one to jimi. Hmm.
Popcorn rules.


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