As Cool As Kim Deal?

We all want a girl as cool as kim deal. Hell, most people wish they were as cool as kim deal. Some people wish they were kim deal. (I don’t know what I’d do with myself if I were kim deal. I imagine I’d eat a lot of strawberries, chain smoke, hang out with Guided By Voices, and just be absolutely fabulous. would it be weird if I made out with Kelley deal?)

The problem tho is that being cool is so passé. It is way too 20th century. It is certainly not a healthy attitude to have. We should all aspire to be the best us-es we can be. We should put giant posters of ourselves on our walls, not posters of our cultural idols. Fan web sites should be replaced with sites dedicated to ourselves. We should spend more energy trying to not be “cool,” maybe by helping out at a soup kitchen or an animal shelter. We should concern ourselves more with how others could be more like us. In that way the world could be a better place.

Being cool just means stupid people love you arbitrarily, or smart people resent you. Being too “cool” or pretty could get you laid… or killed — I don’t recall exactly.

ANYWAY, coolness is a daydreamers concern. It’s arbitrary and ephemeral, and doesn’t guarantee a clear complexion. Just think of all the things about yourself that others admire or wish they had. Yeah, just think of that. ANYWAY, kim deal plays a mean bass – she’s earned her “cool credentials” – in fact, President Obama is considering including her in the Library of Congress’ wing of coolness. (I don’t know if it’s a portrait of her, a statue, or actually kim deal herself). Sounds good to me.

I for one am not concerned with popularity or being “with it,” as it were. I am way too self-absorbed and lazy to care about such things as that. Hell, I don’t even consistently capitalize words. My word processor does that for me. Does that sound cool to you? Maybe you try to be more like my joy-kill Microsoft spell checker thing. ANYWAY, I do know a few ladies who are as cool as kim deal whether they try to be or not. So leah, ems and jenne Morrissey tells me to honor your coolness by rocking out hard.


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