summer roundup

um, gross. big cat diary has just shown a cheetah pooing on the roof of a jeep. eew!

the biggest thing this summer, aside from my birthday, has been school keeping me plenty busy. plenty of other things have kept me busy as well, despite my spending the entire spring/summer so far unemployed. I have had some odd jobs here and there tho thankfully.

I am looking forward to spending a brief weekend vacation in Chicago come thursday. my gf and i will be riding in a super double decker bus and crashing at a friend’s pad. consequently i am planning on getting my homework done by thursday morning.

here is a roundup of things:
[] went on a lot of walks
[] spent a lot of time out of doors even kicking the ole soccer ball around at the diag
[] saw the Story of Anvil movie. not bad. not great either.
[] read Fargo Rock City by Chuck Klosterman, When I Grow Up by Juliana Hatfield, The Thunderbolt Kid by Bill Bryson in reverse order this spring/summer
[] Ace of Cakes is probably the best show on tv that’s not ATH or PTI
[] the new St. Vincent record is excellent. go buy it!

peace and fluffy clouds


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