Long in a Line

2/22 Usability

What is usability?
Why is it important?
How is it viewed?
How is it done?

All great questions, I’m sure. It is just a shame that it wasn’t addressed until now. Now I’m not sure if I even care anymore. Apparently, writers in the ‘field,’ whatever that is, don’t do much work with clients or audiences anyway.

Organizing Qualitative Data from Lab and Field: Challenges and Methods


“Usability data is data we can see, hear, or count. Quantitative data – data we can count – is by nature fairly straightforward to structure and analysis, once the researcher knows what to count. Qualitative data – what we see and hear – is less straightforward, because we translate these observations into text that we must analyze to determine its meaning.”

It is not that I am cynical, it is just that I am cynical. If I ever put a lot of weight into studies and surveys, etc. like what is discussed here in this article then I no longer do anymore. Either I no longer care anymore or I just don’t believe it enough. That is not to say interesting and important things cannot be found in such an article produced through such a study but…

Like with anything an editing process must take place in order to ensure quality. Things ought to be tested out and reassessed with fresh eyes. Usability testing helps toward that end. Let’s not talk of things let’s read of things as they are done in the real world. Let’s not dwell on the past let’s deal with our present. And finally, let’s do more and talk less, or at least talk in a useful manner – an educational manner. At this point in the game education is what matters not busy work as a veil for education – been there done that.

The Future of Usability Evaluation: Increasing Impact on Value


You’ll have to excuse my ignorance – for I am ignorant. This school grows fat through ignorance, and, in fact, encourages ignorance rather than eliminating it. (I feel for the poor unknowing, immature undergrads in my Shakespeare course). It seems rather odd to be discussing this in an old, yet, wildly new and evocative and cobbled together course such as this. If usability is so important why, oh why am I concerning myself with it in any significant way now when my concerns are elsewhere entirely? No guidance + no education + no development of discernable skill = non-competitiveness. In lay terms “we’re boned.” Perhaps a greater focus on all things useful would be useful. Like a cursory review of chemistry or the portraiture of Hans Holbein.

Well, someone who works – cool.

Okay, has anyone else’s brain just glazed over and gone numb reading this? I’m boned for sure now. I can feel it in my bones.

It’s the 1990’s and she’s in the field, Scandinavia even.

Okay this would all go down better by doing and not painfully reading a text. Is it more painful reading this or writing this?


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