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Now I may not be a math major but I am just now doing the math on this program of study and the math does not add up. One needs 12 credits of electives and 18 credits of graduate courses. I have been following this form strictly since day one and even after everything went pear shaped last year. What classes I need to take as prescribed by the program of study sheet matches up perfectly, however the math doesn’t jive with this reasoning. I never noticed before that only five 3 credit courses are listed as courses one must take, either or, and if my math serves me 3 multiplied by 5 equals 15 and not 18 as the sheet proclaims it to be. This is an error that I hadn’t noticed, nor had anyone else apparently. Now I have received a letter informing me that my graduation plans for April are kerfuffled. I am more than a bit miffed at this school as it is but jeez O petes! I had asked on multiply occasions for reviews of my program of study to make sure I was on track and not forgetting something. If I had I would not have been registering for that god awful Lit 210 Intro to Shakespeare course (my word he doesn’t teach us anything!). In its place could have been whatever course I needed to take to satisfy the program requirements.

I have followed the program of study strictly, well, as strictly as I could under the circumstances. I have reviewed this form multiple times and come to the same conclusion over and over again. The sheet seems flawed. It implies that 18 credits are needed but only diagrams options/plan of action for 15 credits. My error was following the sheet and not noticing this flaw.

Below is a diagram of the courses I have taken.

Fall ‘08
English 505 Rhetoric / Technology
English 424 Tech Writing

Winter ‘09
English 516 Computers / Writing
English 527 Topics in Professional Writing
English 427 Technical Editing

Summer ‘09
English 444 Writing on the World Wide Web

Fall ‘09
English 428 Writing Computer Documentation
English 621 MA Project Class

Winter ‘10
Literature 210 Shakespeare [*]
English 694 Internship

= 30 credits
Minus the Shakespeare course equals 27 credits.


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