Apple Core #090

Advancing A Vision of Usability


“In this chapter, I argue that as leaders, usability specialists have to introduce a new vision of what it takes to support complex work-in-context.”

Well, yeah. Life, as in industry, is all about change and adaptation. The idea of companies of all kinds having immature, irresponsible and clueless employees at all levels is understood. Products need to be made with the user in mind that has also been established. The question for us is always going to be how to do that? Articles like this are great background but are irrelevant, ultimately without context. Every past course has been disastrous – even the good ones – due to a lack of context – it’s just busy work and I am tired of busy work. I think this class ought to make up more for the lack of education provided in past courses. Let’s review articles like this in detail and have a brief assignment, maybe a quick in-class assignment where we do a usability task. I know learning something in this school is a wild, radical idea but it could be a good thing. I think all the idiot children who attend this school would benefit greatly from an education.

“Human-computer interaction patterns capture combinations of screen objects, dialogues, window manipulations, and keystrokes that support users’ low-level interactions, for instance, combining a filtering mechanism with a list to facilitate finding items in a list (The Pattern Gallery).”

Um, well, that’s great. …Great.

Look, if your job is to do X or to have X as a set of personal and professional attributes then do it and be it. Just do your job and find ways to continually improve. I keep an open mind, I stay hungry and humble but I have also become an angry lil pissant since attending school here. We all, including myself, need to get a grip and just Do It, whatever that It is.


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