Saturday Therapy

Blogging Therapy

There is magic in writing, in creating in general, really. We’re all like little gods playing in the cosmic sandbox.

I wish I could have the opportunity to learn something new (relatable new) everyday but I don’t. I have developed an In Design project though that will hopefully teach me while providing a portfolio piece as well. It is incumbent upon me to teach myself just about everything that this program was supposedly going to. I have come to accept that and am prepared to go as far with my education as I am able to retain interest in my studies – something I long ago tuned out on. If I could I’d find something else entirely to immerse myself in as prep for working life in another industry/field whatever. I am considering putting greater effort into finding a job with the federal government – maybe something like the Dept. of State.

I can’t get my pound of flesh but blogging has proven out to be somewhat therapeutic for me. I can, when available, get something private out publicly and force me to articulate (somewhat successfully) something. Months of practice, refining my arguments, complaints – dismissing any argument/complaint that hasn’t been up to snuff or was somehow proven wrong has been thrown out – has proven me out to be right on everything, not just some things – Everything.


One Response to “Saturday Therapy”

  1. Ann Blakeslee Says:

    Government wouldn’t be a bad path! There’s certainly lots of writing — though I don’t know that it would ultimately be therapeutic 😉

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