Monday 15th

Tales of Brave Ulysses

Russell Borland

“Let us sit down together and tell each other pretty stories.”

Easily the best line ever in any school readings yet. It reminds me of something I would write and maybe later regret or at the last minute delete from my document.

Who the heck is Adman and where did Adman come from?

Couldn’t she write three separate documents? One for herself, one for Mitch the forest ranger and another for Adman the Adman.

“How should our choice of presentation techniques and forms of information vary for the following: Audience segment, Task domain, Product categories, Complex versus routine tasks, Ease of learning versus ease of use, Initial versus intermediate versus advanced learning”

I don’t know. I’d like to think of myself as a problem solver or sorts and that I would figure something out as per the situation and circumstance I find myself working in.

“How do we effectively describe and present complex tasks and activities, especially when the require expertise in multiple task domains?”

I wonder about this too sometimes, and sometimes, I worry. However, if I can develop enough self-confidence and have the support of my employer or potential employer then I will work it out. If I’ve learned anything (and I question whether I have) I have learned that for every statement of fact from one source the opposite statement is found in another. Some people I have spoken to or heard from or from things I’ve read related to careers, the economy or job searching some will say “You need a specific skill or experience, or will in the future, say this in the interview, design the resume this way, be familiar with all of these computer software, etc.” Someone else will claim the exact opposite of all those statements. I don’t know what to do or what to worry about anymore.

“Are users’ problems with a program best addressed through training, having users re-engineer their work processes, redesigning certain screens, “teaching” users through wizards reconceptualizing the built-in task models, and going all the way back to the architecture and scope – or some combination of all these?”

I don’t even know what to say

I have my opinions about how I would like my experiences and my selection of readings to be within a program like this, however I don’t know that my opinion really matters. There is only so much of the work and the field I can infer and I cannot proclaim any proficiency in anything related to “the field” nor experience in which to draw conclusions. All I can rely on is my past school experiences, my gut instinct, and how I project my toolkit needs for work after graduation. I see room for much, much improvement in this program and in regards to readings I see a need for an intelligent selection of theoretical texts and practical on-the job articles.


One Response to “Monday 15th”

  1. Ann Blakeslee Says:

    So how about codifying some of your recommendations and thoughts on improving things? That could actually be very helpful. Your comment, “I have learned that for every statement of fact from one source the opposite statement is found in another,” is an interesting one — and probably right. In part, it’s ultimately about fit and perhaps finding a palce where statements converge. And finally, your opinion does matter, so I come back to asking to hear more… And by the way, gut instinct is never a bad thing to fall back on.

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