Portfolio Update

This is an update about my portfolio.

Here is a list of submissions that are, at least, up for consideration and their status and description.

1. “Technical Writing” book review from the STC Newsletter. This has been edited and approved and published. I fully intend on using this article.

2. “Lili & Syd Meet Fire Bear” is a creative writing sample; it is a short story that I have intended on being one part of a series. I want to work on fine tuning this more but I am convinced on using this as well.

3. Editing practice forms from my Tech Editing course. I am not confident about using this but I want, and may need, some kind of editing sample.

4. In Design Project. I wanted to include this in my portfolio and I may still do so but I haven’t completed it yet and I have been having difficulty using it. I have ideas for creating a poster, business card(s), and a multiple page document.

5. New Criticism Response paper. I don’t know what to make of it — whether or not something like this is appropriate but I reason that anything is better than nothing. It will, at least, demonstrate my ability to string sentences together. This one, however has two sentences that I have been having difficulty determining if they are correct or not.

6. Marxism Response paper. This is completely reviewed and I can’t improve it anymore. I will probably use this.

7. America in the 1950s paper. A brief essay that is not super great but might be good enough.

8. Imperialism, By All Means, Please paper. This is a little better than America in the 1950s but is also a brief essay that may only be just good enough.

9. The Pioneers response paper. Completed to my best ability and is probably going to be included.

10. Art and the Artist in a Room of One’s Own paper. I think it is edited well enough. I think that I believe in this paper.

11. The Language of Love paper. I am somewhat confident with my revisions. This is a brief essay that is not very formal but has its merits and I am strongly considering it for inclusion.

12. Helen: An Analysis of an Original Poem paper. This still needs some work but should prove to be worthy of inclusion.

13. A Hero for All Times paper. I am not confident about including this. I really would need some feedback on this one.

14. Various other papers that I haven’t yet re-typed from the original source.

15. Two papers from my visual rhetoric course which are still needing a final edit but wil be included.

Each paper will have a facing page that has an introductory statement regarding that particular paper. I am trying to develop more examples of computer skills with various software. This encourages me to include visual imagery as submissions. I am thinking of any and all things to put in the portfolio including creative writing and photography and anything that may exist where someone said something nice about me in writing.


One Response to “Portfolio Update”

  1. Ann Blakeslee Says:

    Okay, by numbers…

    1 – yes, absolutely!
    2 – also a yes – I love your creative writing
    3 – tell me more about this – it might be dispensable
    4 – great in concept — if you can finish any or all, they definitely would be worth including — along with some discussion about teaching yourself the application
    5 to 14 – you could probably be selective here — what about the top (in your estimation) 4 or so? also, key i think will be how you introduce and contextualize them — what you say about what they say/demonstrate, along with something about how you produced them, etc. and think tech/prof comm when you write these. so, for example, if audience was significant in one of these, explain that. in other words, play the things the field values — maybe a paper demonstrates your research skills, maybe another demonstrates your ability to synthesize information from a variety of sources… Do you see where I’m going here?
    15 – yes, definitely!

    I’m assuming you’ll think about order and arrangement as well? Also, one of our guests showed me a useful tool with Adobe Acrobat Pro for doing portfolios. I don’t know if you’ve been giving thought to media at this point. It looked pretty nice — and not too high-end technologically. If you’re interested, let me know, and I’ll look into it more for you.

    Oh, I just noticed your final paragraph where you adderss the introductory statements — good.

    Keep me posted on your progress — I’m happy to offer feedback any time.

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